Pressing Matters #26

Pressing Matters speak to artists about their creative processes and passion for print. Expect inky fingers, creative workspaces, sketchbooks and prints made using all kinds of techniques and mediums.

Pressing Matters - Issue #26 

Where do we get our ideas from? Pressing Matters find it fascinating how some people choose to look within (or close to home) for their inspiration, where others create magical, imaginary worlds to explore their thoughts and feelings in print.

This issue sees stories of mythical beings and monsters sitting next to articles on self-reflection and transience. Both share a thoughtfulness that the makers put into their work – part introspective, part ‘come and see what I think about the world’ – it’s this duality that makes the world of printmaking such an interesting place to delve into.

These makers are a generous bunch too – whether it’s passing on their skills to a community, suggesting ideas for new approaches or taking us on a walk around the city that means so much to them, the artists in this edition happily offer up a slice of their knowledge pie, no questions asked.

Sharing is such an important part of the creative process and Pressing Matters are bringing these stories and printmakers together for you.