Magma regularly commissions artists, illustrators and designers, working with them to develop original ideas on a variety of themes. These are then turned into our own range of products, which include prints, t-shirts, tote bags, cushions, gift wrap, etc.

Please note that our prints have high production standards. Great care goes into preparation work, paper ordering and repro and, whether they were made as screen prints or inkjets, they have the same quality and uniqueness as artists’ prints and editions, but aim at being affordable and to reach a wider audience.

Our range currently includes works by artists David Sparshott, Jennifer Maravillas, Federico Babina, Tom Froese, Carine Brancowitz, Ryo Takemasa, Kanae Sato and David Shrigley—to name a few.

In addition to our own exclusive range, Magma have built an important partnership with publishing house Laurence King, developing a list of products and gift items under the banner 'Magma For Laurence King'. These have included the much loved game Bird Bingo, a series of Games on themes varying from nature to bikes and art, innovative stationery such as the Magma Sketchbooks, and books including the "An A to Z of Monsters and Magical Being"s and the Stickyscapes series.

We would love to see the Magma product range on the shelves of your store!

Minimum order: £200 (exclusive of VAT).
Free carriage for orders exceeding £300 (exclusive of VAT, UK mainland only).
Orders in a pro-forma basis.

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Please place all orders via:
Ruben Errejon
Phone: +44 (0)207 240 7970