Openhouse #21

Openhouse is a biannual magazine that talks about art, design, architecture and culture. A guide of creative people who share their philosophy of life with the magazine's creators, based on the conservation of values like tradition, nature, art and identity.

Openhouse - Issue #21 (In Praise of Folly)

In the 21st issue, Openhouse seeks a boldness reminiscent of the words of Erasmus of Rotterdam, ‘In Praise of Folly’, the essay likening madness to the dawn of a new day, to the spark preceding the impulse to create.

This insight accompanies Openhouse in Charlotte Taylor’s editorial at Side Gallery, Barcelona.

It takes Openhouse to George Rouy’s genie in an English chapel. It is embodied by Laurence Leenaert’s world in Riad Rosemary, Marrakech, and keeps us mesmerized at Jorge Zalszupin’s and Marcos Acabaya’s houses in Brazil.