‘Reflections on a New Avant-garde Vol 1’

A bold attempt to launch a new direction of cultural critique. The Post Post Post team acknowledge such an ambition is a tired prospect in these days of post-post-modernism (hence that third ‘Post’) but this first issue, subtitled ‘Reflections on a new avant-garde’, takes a concerted stab at redefining the state of cultural production today.

Packed with essays, interviews and conversations from over 30 international contributors, the design pulls it weight too, with liberal use of social media design tropes and pop culture references such as Britney, Barbie, Lana and Vetements.

The key feature feels like Al Hassan Elwan’s creation of an inflatable guillotine: ‘…one hell of a commentary on the blunted edge of contemporary forms of critique and revolutionary discourse’. And the question ‘What does the internet smell like?’ is addressed (Cola and fries mixed with electricity and plastic, since you ask).

Among the contributors: Jack Self, Shumon Basar, Caroline Busta and Jonathan Foster.