Archivio #9

ARCHIVIO is a biannual Italian magazine focused on archives and the edition is exclusively built with archive's documents. Each issue involves the most relevant archives from all over the world with a high quality selection of pictures and exclusive contents.

Every issue will be constructed around a theme, but in a loose way, browsing from art to fashion, culture, sport, design, cinema, science, photography… No barriers.

We want to use our ability to watch everything from a contemporary point of view, because what archives can teach us is how memory becomes future.

ARCHIVIO N°9, offers a mapping of the fashion archives international landscape at this moment in time and an overview of the many typologies and studies happening in the world we live in, divided in three sections: ‘Public & Institutional’, ‘Brands & Strategies’, ‘Private & Personal’. It also includes a special poster: an (in)complete mapping of the countless fashion archives in Italy. A research by Promemoria, ARCHIVIO’s publisher, visually processed by Accurat. The result is a map that is also a small work of art.