A Therapeutic Journey

A Therapeutic Journey: Lessons from the School of Life

A healthy mind knows how to hope, hanging on tenaciously to the reasons to keep going.

A healthy mind resists unfair comparisons, not allowing others’ successes to throw it off course.

A healthy mind avoids catastrophic imaginings, distinguishing worries of what could happen from what likely will.

Just as there is no such thing as a human being who will never become physically ill, there is no human who will go their whole life without becoming mentally unwell. But recognising ourselves when we’re well can do a lot to help us identify what can go awry. Written with his signature kindness and empathy, this book is Alain de Botton’s practical guide to caring for our mental health – from the acts of self-care in which we find respite to the help which psychotherapy can bring.

Mental illness is as common, and as unshameful, as its bodily counterpart. We should be no more reluctant to seek help than we are if we develop a chest infection or sore knee - and we are no less worthy of love and sympathy in those moments. This book is a reminder of that.