Slash with a Knife

A new edition of the classic book by Yoshitomo Nara first published in 1999, ‘Slash with a Knife’ has it all: striking paintings that return the viewer’s gaze, whimsical drawings and doodles, and sculptural works that breathe life into diverse materials and spaces.

Nara’s signature caricatures range from adorable and sweet in appearance to grouchy, chiding, or just plain sinister.

Nara first emerged in the art world during Japan’s pop art movement in the 1990s, and although the imagery of Japanese manga and anime is often mentioned in reference to his work, he deftly subverts this interpretation through a juxtaposition of evil and innocence.

This collection of Yoshitomo Nara's works can be said to be the starting point of his career as one of Japan's most famous artists. This masterpiece is being brought to you once again in a new edition with a new cover and English translations of all the texts.

152 pages, 15 x 21 cm