Your Cosmic Year

Your Cosmic Year: Daily Readings to Unlock the Potential in Every Day 

Did you know every day of the year carries with it powerful energies that you can harness to transform your life? Use this one-of-a-kind card deck to interpret the power in each and every day, and to attract the very best into your life.

Drawing on the insight of astrology, the power of numerology, the impact of moon phases and much more, this deck of 46 cards is packed with wisdom and guidance from best selling author Theresa Cheung. Use the cards as your cosmic compass, a tool for self-reflection and an exploration of the thoughts and feelings within. Be guided and inspired to make sure every single day counts.

With cards for each day of the week, month of the year, astrological season, moon phase as well as cards that draw on the vibrational powers of numerology, create unique readings as simple or as complex as you desire, by combining different cards each day. Reflect on the powerful illustrations, and follow the guidance within to discover the best of yourself.

Look for insights into special days, plan the month ahead, discover inspiration for times you're feeling stuck and let this deck help you make every single day of the year feel incredibly special.