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Wee #1

Wee is family lifestyle magazine made by AROUND.
The gaze at an object or a phenomenon will go on, as well.

A whole village is needed to raise a kid:
Wee magazine starts with this sentence. Parenting requires the support of not only family but also neighbors for growing healthy and sound. We are someone's neighbors and live in a big and small family. Family is basic of life, and surely the first relationship we got to have in our lives. How do people think to keep balanced life?
With one topic, we show the value family has from kids' and parents' point of view-.
And we suggest various lifestyles and play to make family and neighbors happy at the same time. 

The first topic of Wee is CLOTHES.
They are always closer to us, making a deep relationship with people. For a long time. people have constituted a family, lots of social and cultural histories have been built clearly. and clothes have been always with people. like we can distinguish the specific era by looking at get ups, clothes are woven inside human-beings. We record clothes for a start of family story. We look into deeply white meeting people who make clothes and wear clothes.
From kids to adults. we hear about their gaze at clothes and own lives.

Texts in Korean.