Viscose #5

Viscose is the world’s most exciting journal for fashion criticism. Through specially edited thematic issues, each of which re-imagines the format of the journal entirely, Viscose gives space to genre-defying thinking that challenges and expands the possibilities of research, practice, and critique in/of fashion.

In record time, the journal has cultivated a niche audience around the globe with stockists in over 15 countries, addressing intellectual fashion communities anywhere while rejecting ghettoization in any discipline, industry, or location. By collaborating with institutions and museums to cultivate research, Viscose is and remains proudly advertising-free.

"The fifth issue of Viscose explores fashion’s multifaceted retail spaces and cultures. With the evolution of shopping in the long 20th century as its focus, the issue looks at the shop as a central nexus where communities are continuously produced and re-imagined through commerce, and always in response to larger societal changes. With a special attention to the role of fashion retail within urban spatial politics (particularly relating to gentrification and surveillance), the issue seeks out histories of projects—often developed with or by artists—that have embraced the shop as a medium of both possibility and contestation. Viscose is an ad-free journal for genre- defying fashion thinking.

Since its launch in 2021, Viscose has fostered a global community of passionate readers and researchers across the industries of art, fashion, and academia, committed to publishing exhilarating and in-depth content that won’t be found anywhere else. Each issue of Viscose sees a complete re- imagining of format and layout, with a nod to histories of artist publishing and other rare books."