Victorian Parlour Games

Have a seat in the parlor and spend a rollicking evening with this elegant box of 50 Victorian-era entertainments.

Deal yourself in for a good time as you choose from a selection of games enjoyed in many a Victorian parlor. The box comes with rules to fifty games that can be played without any extra frippery, except perhaps a deck of cards if you fancy a game of Whist. Each game is good for two or more players, with most designed for a group to play together. Card games and guessing games, pantomime and word play—all provide an after-dinner evening of fun, or an afternoon of amusement on the couch or around a picnic table.

These games are simple to learn, quick to play, and have silly penalties for when a player is “out.” One side of each card provides the category, the number of players, and the setup for the game while the other has the rules so you can keep them handy as you play.

Austen aficionados and Bridgerton bingers will delight in these timeless, irreverent games—so pour your afternoon tea and get ready for an evening of nanty narking!