Unleash the Power of Puerility

Unleash the Power of Puerility is an abundantly illustrated, funny,inspirational book that shares the secrets to a long and prolific creative life. It's based on the 'inspirational' lectures by the celebrated Commercial artist Mark Denton Esq. (Don't take our word for it - see the lovely quotes below*).

Over the last 10 years the talk has been performed for 100's of audiences all over the world, for conferences, universities, art collages, advertising agencies, design studios, and client companies. Essentially it's a collection of stories that illustrate how Mark employs his proven formula of coming up with a schoolboy idea, applying a high-end finish and looking on as unexpected, magical results unfold.

The only problem to date has been that there's so much material that Mark hasn't been able to fit it all into a talk that only lasts an hour... but don't despair! It's all (or most of it) in the book. *QUOTES "My daughter's right, she said his talks are better than mine." - Dave Trott, Founder of GGT, legendary speaker and author.

"Mark Denton’s talks have a long afterlife. Weeks after attending one you find yourself bursting into laughter when one of his stories inexplicably springs into your mind. It can be quite embarrassing." Ben Casey, Co-founder and Director of The Chase.

"...don't be fooled, there are serious lessons to be learned here by anyone wanting to succeed in the advertising and design business.

" Ben Priest, Creative co-founder of adam&eveDDB. "Mark has that incredible optimism and excitement that makes the impossible not quite so impossible anymore…" - Laura Jordan Bambach, CCO of Mr. President.

"The true measure of Mark Denton is a dedication to creativity which takes him to the brink of self-harm, coupled with an unstoppable determination to nurture the creative potential of everyone he encounters." - Jason Stone, Editor of David Reviews.