TYPEONE is a bi-annual gloss magazine that fuses creative type mediums with topics such as culture, business, technology, innovation, global issues and design.

All of these creative explorations headed by the TYPE01 team and a network of freelancers discuss global-led initiatives, projects, campaigns and the people behind them – spotlighting the next generation and featuring a talented scope of creative humans from all over the world.

Issue #08 — The Japanese Graphic Design x Typography Issue

In a world where creativity knows no borders, cross-cultural perspectives within design have become more important than ever to learn more about, specifically, knowing how to expand your design horizons beyond the familiar realms of Western graphic design and typography.

Navigating the intricate maze of global design landscapes can become a daunting task, especially when hindered by linguistic barriers, not to mention the added sensitivity to cultural exchange that should be taken into consideration.

Positioned as a supporting guide, this is TYPEONE Magazine issue 08, their very first cultural exploration issue — delving into the world of Japanese graphic design and typography.