Twin #30

Twin is a biannual art, fashion and feminism book

Twin - Issue 30

Now that we're into the swing of 2024, the new issue of Twin lands just as the smell of spring and the thrill of summer start to come into sight.

In this issue, Twin takes a deep dive into the role of women in fashion and celebrate the names you know, as well as those you may not have heard of - yet! Tony Glenville's fashion foray into history is rich and insightful. Meanwhile, we also spotlight three names to know among a new wave of Polish artists; Tishan Hsu talks organic technology; and the author Natasha Stagg - whose third book Artless came out at the end of last year - talks writing in the real world.

Plus, a look at modern craft and a delve into the role of women in the ever-evolving world of ceramics, by Madeleine Ringer in conversation with six contemporary ceramicists.

There is also fashion that invites new-season thinking. Be gone jumpers and coats, instead welcome dreamy vacation (or staycation) vibes for out-of-office looks; clothes to move in, go out in and party-with-your-pals in. Shed those layers and indulge in the styles you've been thinking about all winter long. Plus, day to night takes on a new, more plausible, meaning. Spring and summer is here.