Tonic #1

Tonic is our biannual print magazine which focuses on the history, customs and sheer pleasure of alcohol. 

Like all good cocktails, the trick is in the mix. Each globetrotting issue brings you a blend of thoughtful long-form journalism, plus shorter works and captivating visual stories decanted into a beautifully crafted magazine.

The base ingredients are worthy too. Our constellation of writers are alcohol experts for publications including The Times, The Atlantic, Vanity Fair and The Guardian

In short, Tonic will illuminate a different side to your favourite drinks and inspire you to visit the destinations you read about, some of which may be on your doorstep. 

Tonic - Volume 1

It’s a heady cocktail. Imbibe author Claire Dodd sips vodou rum in a Haitian temple. Spectator contributor Henry Jeffreys navigates Lebanon’s sectarian thoroughfares in search of historic cellars, Times writer Juliet Rix indulges in soju a North Korean acorn spirit that makes East and West dance as one. 

The inaugural issue of Tonic regales lost tales from legendary drinkers. Our man in Champagne visits the secret cellar of billionaire rapper Jay Z. On Germany’s Cold War frontier we drink unpasteurised beers unchanged since 1945. And in Iceland we meet modern Vikings fuelling a revolution in brennivín, a potato liqueur laced with moss, rhubarb and meadowsweet, a fragrant herb found in glacial riversides. 

In short, our opening mix distils Chinese potentates, Italian aristos and Uzi automatics into one collectable issue. It will leave you thirsty for more.