The World of Eric Carle First Words Flashcards

Start your child’s journey to reading with these fun and colorful flashcards that introduce first words, featuring art from the wonderful world of Eric Carle!

This set of first word flashcards is a fun and engaging way for children ages 3-5 to begin their reading journey.

Each card features a word on one side, and the same word accompanied by a colorful illustration from Eric Carle on the other to help teach the foundations of reading. Kids can learn to recognize the word along with its picture and then move to reading the word without the visual cues when they’re ready.

With 50 cards in the set, your child will have plenty of opportunities to practice and master their skills.

With bright and colorful artwork that children know and love, The World of Eric Carle First Words Flashcards are a great tool to promote language and literacy skills for your little learner.