The White Room #1

The White Room Magazine is about the music that shapes our lives. Produced and  written by women to foster the female perspective in music  journalism. It is a platform and authority for diverse,  strong, beautiful, critical music journalism and a platform for the  best music journalism of tomorrow.

The White Room is a room you can hold in your hands. A space for everyone who loves music, no matter what genre.

As most of us do not listen to only one musical genre, the White Room reflects our diverse listening habits. It takes a look at music in  everyday life, music as a phenomenon, music as this power we fail to  describe most of the time. But, undoubtedly, music has power; to heal, to share messages of love and protest, to unite.

The White Room No. 1

Issue No. 1 explores Music Philosophy and Electronic Music.

Expect a long conversation with French (UK-based) electronic artist Sarasara, portrayed by Mariam Gomez, which inspired the theme of the issue and is being explored in eight  longer and shorter reads:

By way of a breakfast conversation Lydia Goehr and Marlies De Munck introduce us to Music Philosophy and answer the question, What do philosophers of music actually think about? Simone Mahrenholz explores the question whether composers might be the new (and even better?) philosophers? Alison Stone explains why one of the leading philosophers of the 20th century - Theodor W. Adorno - hated pop music. Rachel Foster illustrated him well. Jana-Sophie Lauer  set up a 4-day-workshop in Frankfurt am Main and together with five  young women thought about their relationship to music. They then  expressed their thoughts in a photo series.

Kezia Tomsett analysed the music studio and why it is still this mythical male space. Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres  spoke to four composers and electronic music artists about how they  balance their lives on stage and in the studio composing for film. Birgit Abels is asking you, future readers: Why is music so important to you? Megan Burgess writes about a woman and how her voice has become part of the family.

And reviews? For a start, we've got 16 for you (concert reviews had to be cancelled because of you-know-what).

Published by: The White Room Studio
Release: 12 December 2020
Format: 167 × 240 mm (almost A5)
Volume: 130 pages
Language: English