The Slow Press #4

The Slow Press is an independent food magazine based in Singapore fixated on the rich stories behind what we eat.

Through longform journalism, design, illustration, and photography, the magazine seeks to bring Singapore’s vibrant food heritage to the foreground in an introspective, yet quirky and fun way.

The Slow Press Volume 4 is the 4th edition of The Slow Press which explores the theme of portions large and small - kueh economics, fine dining in tiffins, food miniatures, private dining, and even mukbang - all in 68 delectable pages.

Each copy includes:

  • 9 stories about food told in 68 pages of text, photos, illustrations and more, in full colour print.
  • A print exclusive smol print zine as your side dish.
  • Anniversary edition special cover and an expansive collection of colourful shoot photos like never before!

68 pgs, 29.5 × 21 cm, Softcover, 2022