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The Neat Review #5

THE NEAT REVIEW is an ad-hoc journal published two to three times a year, exploring the crossovers between the worlds of magic and other arts. There is a fascinating dialogue that exists between the creative worlds, and magicians seem privy to the most unlikely interminglings of those worlds. Our contributors have magic as a hobby, but work professionally as photographers, visual artists, writers, graphic designers, teachers. In this issue we capture conversations between magic and photography, magic and painting, magic and philosophy, writing, and acting. Each world grows from that dialogue. There are five essays, three tricks, two card sleights, and a 26-page interview with quite possibly the best mind reader in the history of magic, Derren Brown.

Issue5: Walk the streets of Paris with us. These are the most inspiring magicians we have met in a long time.

Bébel performs nightly on the streets of Saint-Germain des Pres. Arthur Chavaudret studied and taught at CNAC, the circus school in Paris. Father Alex is a Catholic priest in Montmartre and one of the best at gambling sleight of hand, mucks and table work we have ever met. Manu Jo runs a chocolate factory and shares with us a kickback ace hold-out routine. Mael Adler is a young and brilliant card magician, shares a fooling triumph routine. Yoann Fontyn works with lasers and has a entirely unique aesthetic for card magic. Alice Pailhès shares her work from her Doctorate on the psychology of magic performance, specifically forcing techniques.

Arthur Chavaudret
Father Alex
Mael Adler
Manu Jo
Yoann Fontyn
Alice Pailhès