The Meaning of Life

A pack of 52 cards to help us understand what truly matters through deep and entertaining conversation.

We sometimes playfully wonder what the meaning of life might be - but it can be hard to kick start a conversation with ourselves (let alone with anyone else) around such a daunting subject.

Here are 52 cards that directly and elegantly lead us to some of the largest questions about life and its meaning – cards that help us and our companions to think with exceptional depth about what truly matters, where we see ourselves heading and what gives life its purpose.

This is a tool for direction, clarity – and some of the deepest yet most fun and entertaining conversations we’ll ever have.

1. Introduce your friends gently to the topic in this card set. Tell them, with a smile, that you’ll be drilling into nothing less than ‘the meaning of life’. Watch them shudder, laugh with them, but then keep going.

2. Put the cards face down on a table between you.

3. Take it in turns to pick a card. Answer with complete sincerity and as much depth as you can muster – but don’t avoid laughter where it’s called for. Watch your ideas about yourself achieve new focus.

4. This game can happily be played on your own, for example, as a prompt when writing a diary.

52 cards | 91 x 67 x 20mm | For Adults | Minimum 2 players.