The Long 1980s: Constellations of Art, Politics and Identities

 The Long 1980s speculates on the significance of the 1980s for the arts and society today. Arguing that the 1980s saw a fundamental reorientation in the relationship between governments and their publics, this volume explores how the effects of this shift have shaped our contemporary condition. 

Looking back at texts and artworks produced at the time, The Long 1980s puts this pivotal decade in context, exploring how it continues to shape the imaginative landscape of the 21st century. 

Contributors include Henry Andersen, Hakim Bey, Rosi Braidotti, Boris Buden, Jesús Carrillo, Luc Deleu, Diedrich Diederichsen, Charles Esche, Marcelo Expósito, Annie Fletcher, Diana Franssen, June Givanni, Lisa Godson, Lubaina Himid, Lola Hinojosa, Antony Hudek, Tea Hvala, Gal Kirn, Anders Kreuger, Elisabeth Lebovici, Rogelio López Cuenca, Geert Lovink, Amna Malik, Pablo Martínez, Lourdes Méndez, Marta Popivoda, Carlos Prieto del Campo and Pedro G. Romero.