The Human Perspective #3

The Human Perspective is an independent magazine that examines how humans work and the ways in which culture, politics and identity intersect. Its third issue – ‘INSIDE CITIES’ – examines urban centres, how they function and the ways in which they impact their inhabitants.

Over 13 articles, you will explore a variety of systems, communities and logistical processes, and uncover the intricacies and contradictions that are rife within them.

This issue explores the rebuilding efforts in Kyiv, the political divide in Buenos Aires, the COVID legacy in Gothenburg, political stagnation and health inequality in London, bisexual identity in Glasgow, radicalisation in the classroom and the patriarchy in queer spaces.

It also poses the questions: how do we build communities? Can Brasilia recover from neoliberal policies? How will AI impact the cities of the future? and is architecture dead?

Featuring a host of bespoke illustrations, articles and photography, this magazine has been designed and printed to the highest standard.