The Grub Street Journal #4

Back in the 18th century, it was a satirical journal that made fun of the hacks working in the London home of journalism, Grub Street. These days, it’s a quarterly indie print magazine taking a similar sideways look at the business of magazine publishing.

The Grub Street Journal #4: The Next Generation Issue

At a tough time in the industry, where will the readers and leaders of the future come from? - Grub Street Journal chat to both educators and the educated to find out.

Plus: Creative Director Andy Cowles explains how to get a Spice Girl to pick up your magazine, and Peter gets grilled by a 15-year-old.

In this issue, Grub Street Journal also asks if it's still time for TikTok, explores the art of the magazine photoshoot, speaks to Monocle legend (and Eurovision correspondent) Fernando Augusto Pacheco about his joy-filled workspace.

Collaborators in this issue:
- Cathy Olmedillas (Anorak, Dot)
- Dan Green (The Week Junior: Science & Nature)
- Jenna Rak (Vogue)
- Beth Ashton (The Independent)
- Andy Cowles (Cowles Media, formerly TIME, Rolling Stone)
- Sajeeda Merali (PPA)
- Fernando Pacheco (Monocle)
- Mary Hogarth (Consultant)
- Jackie Scully (Think Publishing)
- Danielle Mustarde (magCulture)
- Steve Watson (Stack magazines)
- Owen, Oli and Erin (The Paper)