Somesuch Stories #7

The BONE Issue is our biggest, thickest & hottest yet!

Packed with fiction, poetry, photography, art and essays – Somesuch Stories #7 invites you to engage with its visceral theme in various haunting, hilarious & heartrending ways.

Those extraordinary pieces were contributed by these fantastic writers & artists: Jinwoo Chong | Julianknxx | Dior J Stephens | K Patrick | Lydia Garnett | Moïra Fowley | Denisse Ariana Pérez | Rosalind Jana | Vincent Haycock | Jackson Whitefield | Priya Guns | Eli Goldstone | Kaliane Bradley | Sheida Soleimani | Kimberly Campanello | Jessica Andrews | Razelle | Jenkin van Zyl & Brittany Newell.

Founded by feted film company Somesuch as a space for gripping and inventive storytelling – Somesuch Stories champions unique voices while examining contemporary experiences of culture, nature, sex and society.

Suze Olbrich is the title's Editor. Issue 7 was Art Directed and Designed by Thomas Coombes of Guest Editions. With cover artwork by Lydia G