Serviette #3

Serviette is a magazine about food, but not just about the food we eat. It’s about the themes, ideas, conversations and connectivity around the cycle of our food; the language, culture and transformative possibilities of the future of our food; the journey it takes from seed to stomach, and all of the people who helped it along its way. Its mission is to create meaningful, purpose-driven content that drives a more interconnected, circular world of hospitality.

The new Toronto-based publication shows once and for all that branded magazines can be done well – so well that you might not realise it’s brand-led at all

Food is Preservation

In Issue 03, we talk about preservation. We revive lost traditions for making yogurt in the mountains of Bulgaria, search for new takes on stinky tofu in Taipei, and build a better carrot for the changing climate of the Pacific Northwest. We dig into the stubborn persistence of food aversions and learn how to pack flavour on a mission to Mars. And we ask a couple centenarians for their secrets to longevity (a daily shot of vodka does not hurt). You won’t want to miss this one—there’s lots more inside.