Scrollino Aniquarium

Scrollino -The Revolutionary Rewinding Book

Scrollino® is the new original book form and editorial concept offering a playful experience to all dreamers big and small. A simple pencil is all you need to read, rewind, or even to write in your Scrollino®. The concept was dreamed up and created in 2016 by the founding artists of Edition Lidu, Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin. Scrollino® has since traveled across Europe and has its sights set on revolutionizing reading around the world.

Scrollino comes in 2 main models (designs): Scrollino® Type A and Scrollino® Type B. The first model of Scrollino enables you to unroll the whole strip (paper roll) and rewind it back again. The great thing about this type is that you can see the whole story or endless like illustration once you unrolled it all. Both models are interactive and fun. Have a look below to find out which one will be your favorite.

Scrollino Aniquarium - Dual Scroller

Dive into the magic of this hand-operated magic movie reel. Swim with the fish in this animated Scrollino by turning the pencil slowly in the top Scroller. Watch the fish’s story through the cutout window. Go with the flow and dive into the Aniquarium!