Salt, Cheese, Chicken, Tomato And Rice

Magazine<F> is a food documentary magazine jointly launched by Baemin and Magzine<B>. Baemin has become a ciritical mover and shaker in Korean contemporary food culture, and <B> provides a balance view on brand through multi-layerd stories. This collaboration brings together these two expertise in <F>, which is hoped to become a record of essential ingredients and food culture of our time.

<F: Salt, Cheese, Chicken, Tomato, and Rice> is a hardcover book compiling the stories of five different ingredients told by Magazine<F> in its first five issues since its launch in March 2018. The book is a panoramic presentation of the interaction between nature and people that <F> has witnessed throughout its journey. <F: Salt, Cheese, Chicken, Tomato, and Rice> begins with the conversations that Baemin CEO Bongjin Kim and publisher of <B>, Suyong Joh, have had since the first publication.