Rainbow Maker Stickers

From our friends at Botanopia - Rainbow Maker Sticker

Create your own 🌈 magic in your home with these special stickers.

Place one on your window, and when the sun hits it, it will send beautiful rainbows dancing on your walls. They’ll change and move with the seasons as the sun turns in the sky. It’s a little joy to watch them appear with each ray of sun, and discover them in unexpected places in your room.

Did you ever play with prisms as a child, to divide a beam of light into a small rainbow? These stickers use the same principle but are much more practical and playful.

The stickers are made of special diffraction foil and printed with 5 beautiful designs. Which one will you choose?

Your sticker comes in shiny packaging, perfect for gifting, with clear installation instructions. It makes a fantastic gift, the recipient will think of you every time the sun shines, and rainbows appear on their walls. It’s really a gift that keeps on giving!