Purveyr #1

Purveyr Magazine is another way of expressing what we are in pursuit of, an elevated Philippine modern culture and community. It is not only a printed version of what we have been doing on Purveyr.com, but it is also our way to share our passion, philosophy and mission to a lot more people. We at Purveyr deemed it appropriate to climb into the next level and develop our ways.

That's why we also aimed to refine and enhance our voice in imparting information and ideas to people through this traditional type of media.

Purveyr subscribes into the belief that print is not dead nor a dying art, resolving that the unique experience only print can give can never be imitated by the digital versions. The magazine tackles different stories of local brands, artists, influencers and more, to be able to convey our perspective of the Philippines, and its modern culture in particular.

Among the many brands featured in this first issue are: Proudrace, Loudbasstard, THE Clothing, Bambike, Katipunan Craft Ale, and 13 Lucky Monkey; while featured personalities include Rjay Ty, Alex Omiunu and Abra of Lyrically Deranged Poets, Erwan Heussaff, Valerie Chua, Egg Fiasco, etc.