Pressing Matters #25

Making things is pretty addictive, right? We may see something in another artist’s process that we want to try out or be struck by an idea we can’t let go of – we have the urge to create, to turn that idea into a real thing. These moments of creativity can often feel magical (the mixing of a new colour, the peeling back of a first proof print) and sometimes surprising (trying a new approach, changing the scale of work). The craft and care involved in printmaking, whatever the technique, is a gift to ourselves and others.

'In the process of putting this edition together, it’s been interesting to see a bit of a theme forming – that of people’s influence on others. Whether it’s the skills and knowledge of a master printer whose ideas have touched many in the print community and beyond, a paper mill making paper by hand for those who print with their hands, or artists from different countries and cultures coming together for a shared project, it’s a joy to hear about these stories of collaboration and share them with you all'

Featured artists / studios

Megan Abel, Jack Beagley, Flat Mountains, Hannah Gaskarth, Alistair Gow, Stanley Jones,  Martin Kochany, Letterpress Letters, Sophie Lewisohn, Nicola McInally, Print Now–Riot Later, Annie Silverman, Lisa Stubbs, Tej Handmade Paper, Mark Timmins, Tugboat Printshop, Viola Wang