Playtime #4

Named after the Jaques Tati film, Playtime is a bi-annual journal and an ongoing blog that takes an insightful, humorous, and personal deep-dive into the world of film.

Each issue takes on a different theme and includes reviews, anecdotes, editorial, illustration and photography.

Issue 4: The Memory Issue

Memory takes many forms. Images like photographs floating in the back of our minds. Reels of grainy footage playing like a silent movie cut with intertitles.

Murmurations like thousands of Starlings flying above our heads in the blue sky, forming patterns as they twist in and out of each other, each one an individual and part of a collective. Memories like the old layers of skin a snake would shed.

Memories like a hoarded collection of relics, scattered around a bedroom. Memory as a mystical creature, invisible to anyone else, staring back at you from across the dinner table. Memory as pain. Memory as guilt. Memory as one moment in life, played out for all eternity. Memory as cinema. 

All these memory forms take shape in this, the fourth edition of Playtime.  

Films featured: Embrace of the Serpent, The Act Of Killing, Casting Jonbenet, The Missing Picture, High Life, After Life, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, Soy Cuba, Viridiana and many more! Special feature: A Self Interview with Mark Cousins.