Piece With Artist #2

Piece with Artist Magazine, shows a vision of the world of art through articles of artists with their work, the interiors of their studios, their lifestyles and some secrets of their work.

This issue includes a fantastic article on the VII International Council of Societies of Industrial Design in 1971, with gorgeous full-bleed imagery that is hazy and nostalgic,  coinciding with a colour palette that is unmistakably 70's.

Also featuring work from Javier Mariscal, Instant City, Caroline Absher, Matt McCormick, Miró Picasso Letters, Gabriela Meunié, Freixas Building, Miquel Aparici, Pie Herring, Palau de Casavells, Laurent Martin Lo, Brynley Odu Davies, Clément Mancini, Juan Haro, Private library - this issue lets you get a glimpse into the practice of some of the most creative.