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PARPOT LEDs Indoor Plant Cultivation System


  • This is a simple LED light planting pot. Three types of light to simulate daylight, yellow light, and full LED red/blue color.

    The LED light emits 30W of power over your planted items. A basin holds water, which will be soaked up into the soil, and plants.

    The pot can be put anywhere in house or business, to not only give you something to enjoy, but also help you actually grow your plants.
  • The LED Grows your plants Indoor : Similar light wavelengths to sunlight for photosynthesis of plants
  • Convenient Watering : The hole on the side of water tank helps you to fill 1.8L water more easily.
  • Change the Color of lights for your plants and your mood! : LED lights can be selected as white light, yellow light (mood lamp), and plant growth light.
  • Height Adjustable.
  • Easy Installation : No tool required.

    Interior decorative flower pot LED Mood control LED plant cultivation for you ‘LED light for plants’ decoration

    LED Plant Decoration product inside the home
    Useful education material Easy water supply
    Purify the air
    Clean surroundings
    White LED : shade lighting
    Yellow LED : relaxation lighting
    Growing plants LED light : plant photosynthesis
    check every step of cultivation from seeding up to its full growth stage