Panoramic #3

Panoramic is an international magazine based in Cambridge, who platform young voices from around the world. With a network of up-and-coming journalists from over 40 countries, they work to de-centre Western narratives in the media, at the same time as offering an opportunity to journalists from diverse backgrounds.

The third print issue explores the subject 'Solidarity' through 16 articles by authors from four continents on over more than 80 pages of high-quality paper. Each article engages with the theme in a different way, encouraging us to think about how we define solidarity in a world that is seemingly becoming more divided and where new forms of solidarity might be emerging. The writers have approached these questions by analysing and exploring a wide range of timely topics - from solidarity in times of war to social housing and intersectional solidarity in social movements.

In this issue, you will find articles, interviews, poetry, an exhibition review, all beautifully illustrated by eight fantastically talented illustrators. Additionally, some articles include suggestions for resources for further reading and listening on the issues discussed by the authors at the end of the page, chosen by the authors and editorial team.