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Palette Perfect Vol. 2

What color is summer? Is it cool and translucent swimming pool aquamarine, dazzling red like watermelon flesh, or the pale pink interior of a seashell? If these colors define summer, what color is autumn? How about winter? And spring? In Palette Perfect, vol 2, designer, best-selling author and content creator Lauren Wager explores the multiple possibilities of seasonal color applications, leading the reader through an inspirational presentation of image pairings and color combinations. This volume--both a practical guide and inspirational book for designers, illustrators, architects, and crafters, as well as non-professionals, home decoration and fashion lovers--provides examples of well thought-out color application within the worlds of contemporary art, fashion, interiors, photography and graphic design. It is a carefully gathered collection of color palettes and stunning images with a touch of the unexpected, utterly successful in its aim. This book demonstrates the value of observation and how the practice of seeking beauty can lead to fruitful creation and inspiration.