Offal #1

OFFAL is an independent journal of literary offcuts and artistic experiments, celebrating and shedding new light on the leftovers, scraps and experiments of the creative process.

OFFAL is also a cult AI-voiced comedy/literature radio show, or ‘audio zine’, drawing on and adding to the publication.

FEATURING: Actress (Darren Cunningham) / Gemma Anderson / Ned Beauman / J. G. Bollard / Austin Collings / Annie Dare / Henderson Downing / Babak Ganjei / Tess Gruenberg / Barney Farmer / Jermaine Francis / Gabriel Josipovici / Scott King / Alice-Louise MacGillivray / Irfan Master / Nat Ogle / Max Porter / Ruth Saxelby / Alexander Tucker / Gavin Weale.