A long-awaited facsimile of Lawrence and Hujar's legendary '60s magazine documenting artists and photographers from Diane Arbus and Yayoi Kusama to Paul Thek and Lucas Samaras.

Published by Steve Lawrence and edited alongside Peter Hujar and Andrew Ullrick, Newspaper was issued in New York City between 1968 and 1971. A wordless, picture-only periodical that replicated the scale of the New York Times, Newspaper ran for 14 issues and featured the disparate practices of over 40 artists.

With an editorial focus on placing appropriated material alongside new artworks, the periodical sought to codify a visual language of high and low culture that represented contemporary society in the late 1960s.

While largely overlooked in art-historical discourse, Newspaper showcased many of the most revered artists working in the United States at the time, as well as an emerging coterie of queer artists. All issues of Newspaper are collected and reprinted here for the first time.