New Aesthetic 1

New Aesthetic 1: A Collection of Experimental and Independent Type Design

Leonhard Laupichler & Sophia Brinkgerd (eds.)

"Typography is the heartbeat of graphic design. It's more than the gateway to an enjoyable and efficient reading experience. It's a language that expresses more than mere words and sentences – an art form that speaks volumes in silence.

New Aesthetic delves into the enigmatic realms of creative expression, uniting a collective of typographers, artists, and designers, each contributing their distinctive approach to typography. New Aesthetic seeks to inspire and innovate, opposing typographic rigidity and welcoming artistic exploration and expressive experimentation.

New Aesthetic believes in the profound emotional influence wielded by typefaces and serves as a canvas, painting a multifaceted portrait of modern typography. Focusing on the emotionally influential power that typefaces hold, New Aesthetic shows modern typography in a multitude of facets.

In this revised and reworked edition of the very first unpublished volume of New Aesthetic, we continue the journey through independent type design."

294 pages

ISBN: 9783910265158