N+1 #47

n+1 is a magazine of literature, culture, and politics published out of New York three times a year.

Issue 47
Spring 2024

Fast fashion nation. Six months of genocide in Gaza. Human_Fallback_2: 2 Human 2 Fallback. Martin Amis, re-reassessed. Border stories by Nicholas Hamburger and Paul Soto.

The Intellectual Situation
Who Sees Gaza? - The Editors

No Human Being Can Exist - Saree Makdisi

Inventing the Crisis - Kay Gabriel

An Age of Hyperabundance - Laura Preston
On Delivery - Mitchell Morgan Johnson

Traces of Enayat

Iman Mersal
Death in the Luberon

Nausicaa Renner
Fiction and Drama
Arnie Robles Jr.

Paul Soto
No Man’s Land

Nicholas Hamburger
Super Cute Please Like

Nicole Lipman
Acid Rhythms

William Harris

David Wingrave
Not Only “Not Only,” but Also “But Also”

The Editors