Mildew #2

Mildew: The Secondhand Fashion Magazine.

Inside Mildew Issue 2: one man’s quest to preserve every Gap in-store playlist from the 90s; a photo tour of a Cairo flea market by Mohamed Sherif; an Emma Zack editorial on the afterlives of granny blankets; an elegy for the estate sale by Dana Covit; the power of reminiscence therapy for folks with dementia; hybrid garments from Lithuania; Tiempo de Zafra reimagines textile waste in the Dominican Republic; Cassandra Mayela weaves together immigrants in exile; the astrological signs as thrift store paperbacks, and much more. Design by Corbin LaMont.

Mildew magazine is about secondhand fashion by Ellen Freeman, the deputy editor of Broccoli, Mushroom People, and Catnip. Mildew features art and writing that inspires us to think about old clothes in new ways and revels in the decay of fashion as we knew it.

112 pages
October 2023