Louche #2

Let’s talk about READING. Louche is a joyfully anarchic and independent occasional print magazine about drag and queer performance. It aims to celebrate, interrogate, and create a living archive of drag today, as well as pay hom(o)age to the varied histories and influences of the drag past.

The second instalment of Louche, the drag magazine, is here! The theme of this issue focuses on the material culture of drag; the objects, the things, the ephemera, that serve to create drag magic.

Issue #2 features: Izzy Aman; Barbs; Cassandra; Cyro; Georgeous Michael; Sin Wai Kin; Kallum Király; Sigi Moonlight; Just May; Hardik Mistry; Myla; Indy Nile; Rhys’s Pieces; Rosy Pendlebaby; Oedipussi Rex; Tommy Rimmerson; Prinx Silver; Lilly SnatchDragon; Loose Willis

With writing by: Amelia Abraham; Tito Bone; Umber Ghauri; Jake Hall; Emma Kroeger; Martha Margetson; Orlando Myxx; Brooke Palmieri; Queer Ecologies

Photography, Make-up & Styling by: Christa Holka; Pauline Di Silvestro; Corinne Cumming; Ezekiel; Umber Ghauri; Heather Glazzard; Eddie Langham; Roxy Lee; Ro Murphy; Orlando Myxx; Lottie Parry; Peter Robertshaw; Matt Spike