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Lindsay #3

In Issue No. 3 we meet Lebanese director Nadine Labaki, Berlin-based musician and composer Nils Frahm, and Moroccan-British artist Hassan Hajjaj.

We descend to the ocean’s floor with Japan’s Ama divers, muse over the Bengali renaissance and applaud the detailing of India’s uniforms.

We learn about the architecture of Iraq’s mudhifs, the dishes of Poland’s obiad, the history of Libyan reggae, and the etiquette of the Japanese onsen.

And we try our hand at some treasured Italian recipes, celebrate the fabric of our varied hair, visit one of Hong Kong’s homes up high and wander the colourful streets of Chiang Rai.

Sam Bonham, Katherine Brabon, Mel Campbell, Olivia Dennis, Farrah Fray, Ziad Halub, Max Hayward, Olga de la Iglesia, Jean Jullien, Ryan Lamb, Isabella Lloyd, Florencia Lucila, Rob McHaffie, Bonnie Jean Mooney, Tomoko Ogawa, Stanislava Pinchuk, Fariha Róisín, Liz Rowland, Anna Snoekstra, Stephanie Stamatis and Beth Wilkinson