How to Swear

Stephen Wildish (Author)

Grasping how to swear is a crucial skill to any English-speaker, but it can be a tricky business. Owing to the rich and complex history of swearing, a single word can have a host of different meanings – from expressing surprise, excitement, anger, celebration, disgust or simply that you’re f*ck*d off.

If you don’t get it right, you could really be in the sh*t.

How to Swear, by graphic artist and swearing-connoisseur Stephen Wildish, uses all manner of charts and flow diagrams to teach you all you need to know, including: the building blocks of an effective insult; the adverbial uses of various types of animal excrement (horsesh*t, apesh*t etc); and the different parts of speech a swear word can fulfil: ‘F*ck*ng f*ck, the f*ck*ng f*ck*r’s f*ck*d’.

This charming (and rude) book will take you right to the heart of the wondrous world of swearing, with a lot of laughs on the way.

Hardback,192 pages
Published by Ebury Press (19/10/2017)
ISBN 9781785036415
20.4 cm x 2.1 cm x 13.8 cm