Gauchoworld #4

London-based print magazine Gauchoworld has spotlighted collectives that it holds close to its heart for its latest print issue, titled “Devotion.”

Since 2020, Gauchoworld has transitioned into a cultural hub that welcomes UK creatives with open arms. The publication intersects music, fashion, and sport, highlighting emerging individuals making a difference across its new “Devotion” issue.

Gauchoworld’s fourth magazine focuses on unconventional personalities that keep originality at the forefront. Nine talented creatives are portrayed through immersive photography and storytelling, including Lil Silva, 99GINGER, Lucy Tun, piri, Margate Gift Shop, Esme Marsh, Reiss Nelson, Marina Correia, and Joshua Buatsi.

“Devotion” shows each artist through an alternative viewpoint, exhibiting the respect they show their selected profession. Dean George, Seun Areoye, and Ellie Muir lead the magazine’s current direction and analyze music, fashion, and sport through organic journalism that speaks for itself.