Fieldnotes #6

Fieldnotes is a biannual print journal publishing new writing and artworks with a focus on practices that work between disciplines and against type.

Fieldnotes - Issue #06: The Destructive Method

'We are just visiting the world at this moment and it’s on fire. We find it dissolving into an orange fog, there is no volume around it, no beach, no reverie. 

Here is a text column of smoke reaching into the night as if the sky were sucking us up, this book is a red flag of mourning, a blue bruise. Poems are not marvels/They are war zones. Something attacked the earth last night, was it us? 

Whilst lying face down in bed, sensing variances of being, so suddenly ancient. We came together in a supermarket car park shouting about types of plastic types of plastic types of plastic.

We climb a mountain to find a perfect blue square of sky among the clouds like a motion picture screen, like a blank page, we pull out a kidney and fling it across to see ourselves trailing behind it like shooting stars. 

From here everything feels like a road, every road an exit route. Leaving the earth is unnecessarily complicated but regret is the ultimate test of endurance. What is this thing? A new issue of FIELDNOTES, a return which is also the beginning of something'.