What happens when you think of history differently? Linear history is an illusion. A dated idea based on concepts of progress and production. EPOCH aims to place the now in dialogue with the past. It is a publication and platform with an untethered, emotional, active take on the wholeness of civilization.

We are striving for a cross-pollination of disciplines, from anthropology to fashion, science to art, archaeology to music. A space for artists, thinkers, historians, anthropologists, composers, archaeologists, researchers, curators, filmmakers, photographers, architects, librarians, academics and all those working creatively to poetically form new ways of thinking about the world.

The issue 2 of EPOCH is loosely themed around METAMORPHOSIS, providing an opportunity to highlight the possibilities opened up by transformation.

The issue features interviews and exclusive projects from Arthur Jafa, Sampha, Harley Weir, Elaine Constantine, Liz Johnson Artur, Adam Curtis And Hans Ulrich Obrist, Alessio Bolzoni, David Zilber, Tyler Mitchell, Cali Thonhill Dewitt, and many more.
320 pages with embossed cover. Dimensions: 23cm x 30cm x 2cm