A conversational issue. Trying to broaden perspectives in a gathering of mindful mindscapers.

Starting around 1962 with an inside the story of JOHN BATES in an in-depth interview by DAL CHODHA.

A fashion anthropology of the year 1984 of GIORGIO ARMANI dissected by ANGELO FLACCAVENTO.

PETER SPELIOPOULOS and the shamanic conversion in molding sculptures rooted in soul.

The allergic aversion of FRAN LEBOWITZ on embodying womanhood.

SUZI DE GIVENCHY in a talk with MARK KENLY DOMINO TAN on how the dialogue beneath the dress is as essential as the dress itself.

CLAUDE MONTANA and the praise of women dressed for an alternate universe.

And HED MAYNER portrayal of a personal journey in clothes layering time and memories.