Don't Call It That

Don't Call It That is not a book about naming.

It is a step-by-step workbook that walks you through all the ins and outs of the naming process. This book is your best defense against boring names and the people who find them "functional" and "descriptive." The book will help you understand how to approach naming, develop attention-grabbing names, and navigate practical realities like positioning, trademarks and URLs.

What’s new in the 3rd edition?

  • More to love: The third edition has 62% more content than the second—no minor rewrite here.
  • Real project examples: I included several real-life examples from A Hundred Monkeys projects throughout the book.
  • Client experiences: I also included quotes directly from clients to shed light on how new names are perceived and adopted.
  • New Chapters: There are three entirely new chapters on market testing names, the near-universal desire for short names, and the difference between how names look and how they sound.
  • New look: The book has been completely redesigned by the fine folks at Moniker.
  • New editor: The third edition has been edited by long-time collaborator Rose Linke, an experienced writer, editor, and namer in her own right. We even included a few of our chat transcripts from the editing process.
  • Six new name species: Wordsmash, Rhyme time, Opposites attract, That’s not my name, Unlikely allies, and Simple enough.
  • Overhauled exercises: The book’s exercises have been totally reworked. There are several new exercises as well as updates to previous exercises.
  • Minor restructuring: The chapters “Ready, set” and “Get to the point” from the second edition have been combined into a more holistic chapter on positioning called “Condition your position.”