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Don't Be Silly!

Imagine having such stiff faces that you can’t smile! While Bouncy Bo and Little Smudge might live in a castle with their father the Judge, it seems they just want to have fun. They want to bounce and play and somersault. However all the grown ups insist, Don’t Be Silly! It seems, surmise the pair, that being sensible is what happens when you grow up. After all, look at the galleries of portraits! Then again, look at the formal clothing and sensible shoes.

However, what happens when Little Smudge’s and Bouncy Bo’s grandparents return from touring? Might they break the mould? Is it possible that there might be balancing of gherkins and grapes on the ends of noses, and then, even egg juggling?

Romping rhyme and joyful silliness from Klaus Flugge Prize shortlisted illustrator Padmacandra.