Daido Moriyama: Record 53

Daido Moriyama continues with issue number 53 of his long-running “Record” series. Shot in Tokyo and Yokosuka (and possibly other locations), Moriyama presents observations from Japan’s streets in his signature black-and-white style. His photographs not only document the “now” of Japan but also constitute a manifestation of Moriyama’s unending lust to see and to photograph.
In the afterword of this issue, Moriyama reminisces about his relationship with the photographer William Klein (1926–2022).

“I had visited Paris once in 1980. The only business that I had to do there was to meet William Klein, who had just returned from his photo shooting in London at the time, in his house near the Jardin du Luxembourg, for a brief interview where I would ask him a few questions. At that first encounter, Klein overwhelmed me with his larger-than-life appearance, to the extent that just about everything, including all the things I was going to ask, was thrown into confusion.”
― from Daido Moriyama’s afterword.

21 x 28 cm